What are the cost of building or renovating?

What are the cost of building or renovating?

This is probably one of the first questions most clients ask us when they see us at a tradeshow, call or email for the first time, and this is probably why you stopped to read this section of our website. But should pricing be your main concern? Do you want your biggest investment (your home build or renovation) to be completed for the cheapest price? Or, should you ask instead: “What value (quality, service and experience) am I getting for the cost?”

Sure you can do a bathroom renovation for 3k (I think that was what we saw once), But you get what you pay for. By covering up mold and rot doesn’t make it go away. This is where in the end it will cost you a lot more. Not just more money, but your health as well.

As a client, you want the full service experience from your contractor. Clients want excellent workmanship, skilled management, to be priority, reliability from all crew, on schedule, meeting deadlines, warranty etc. I think it is safe to say that the cheapest price will not include most of these items on a project.

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If you want your project to be handled in a seamless and experienced manner by a professional team like Ridgewater Homes remember. Skilled professionals are not cheap, but they are good! You will be glad you hired them.

Before you see an architect or designer for your project, find a contractor, someone that you trust. Talk about the cost of building or renovating. A contractor will help you educate yourself on pricing. Why do I say to do this? More often than not, people engage with an architect and/or designer without understanding the cost of building or renovating. Without this knowledge, you will end up over designing your build or renovation on paper, only to find out after that the cost’s are over budget. Now you will have to pay your architect or designer more money to re-design your project to fit your budgets.

We will come out a price out your project. Its hard to say a bathroom will cost 12k when it could cost 40k all depending on what is being done and selections of tile, and fixtures. Every project is different and requires design, architecture, engineering etc. to be priced correctly.

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Ridgewater Homes is the company that you can trust for your custom build, home renovation, heritage restoration or commercial. Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. At Ridgewater Homes, we are passionate about the services we provide to our customers. Ridgewater Homes cares just as much about what goes into our customer’s homes, as what we would put into our own. Our company has been operating for over 10 years with the goal of delivering the highest quality work and customer service.

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