With so many components to consider during a kitchen renovation, it can be challenging to know where to begin. The team at Ridgewater Homes in Langley are experts at kitchen renovations. They offer some ways to spruce up your kitchen with some smart renovations. 

New cabinets

The main feature of the kitchen is cabinetry. There are a few ways to change up your cabinetry. One way is to take it all out and replace it with new. If your cabinets are dated, damaged, or lacking the storage you’re looking for, a full replacement is a great idea. It allows you to customize your cabinetry with built-in features to maximize storage, organization and to completely change the layout of your kitchen.

A less evasive to change the look of your cabinets is to paint or stain them a different colour. Cabinet refinishing, or cabinet painting, is a cost-effective solution, while still giving you a wide array of choices to change things up. You can also change the hardware, and add moulding to the tops of the cabinets to create a completely new and modern look. 

New countertops

As a focal point and key workspace, a new countertop can transform your kitchen. There are many different kinds of countertops out there. These include solid surface, laminate, quartz, granite, concrete, natural stone, marble, and more. Doing some research on the type of countertop that best meets your needs is essential. You want something that will stand up to how you use it, and how much you want to maintain it. It also has to meet your budget, which is something Ridgewater Homes can help you decide. 

New appliances and fixtures

New appliances can change how your kitchen space not only looks but functions too. Dated appliances are prone to breaking, and can drag down the look of your kitchen, and use up a lot of unnecessary energy. Investing in new appliances makes the space feel newer, improves efficiency, and can make your home attractive to buyers should you decide to sell.

Another way to add to the space is with new fixtures like the sink, faucets, and lighting. Even these simple changes can make a big difference in ambience, function, and energy efficiency. 

Who is Ridgewater Homes

Ridgewater Homes is the company that you can trust for your custom build, home renovation, heritage restoration or commercial. Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. At Ridgewater Homes, we are passionate about the services we provide to our customers. Ridgewater Homes cares just as much about what goes into our customer’s homes, as what we would put into our own. Our company has been operating for over 10 years with the goal of delivering the highest quality work and customer service.

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