Planning a Bathroom Renovation?

Planning a Bathroom Renovation?

As both one of the most used rooms and one of the most personal, it’s important that you are happy with your bathroom. A dysfunctional and outdated bathroom can be a headache. That’s why, when you do plan to do a renovation, you want to ensure the job is done right and the results are perfect. A sure way to guarantee that is to remember that planning is key!

Ridgewater Homes are experts in bathroom renovations. They share some important steps to consider before you start the renovations:

1 – Start with the basics

Tile selection and desired features are important; however, the foundation of any good bathroom renovation is building a waterproof envelope.  You can install the most beautiful tile available, but if you have not covered the basics, within a short period of time, it will be a smelly, moldy mess.  The starches in most wallboard is food for mold.  Spending the money now for a properly installed waterproof system, such as Wedi or Schluter will keep your bathroom functional and beautiful for the next 20 years.  A properly installed bathroom renovation will add over twice the value to your home as compared to the cost. This is not an area to cheap out on a low bid contractor.

2 – What’s the reason? 

Yes, one reason will be that you want to update the look of your bathroom, but what else? Any renovation is usually done with a purpose in mind, such as a larger, more functional kitchen. Or, knocking out that wall specifically to create a family room to host and entertain in. With your bathroom, it’s the same idea. What new needs and design layout does your bathroom need?

Is the renovation you are thinking of one or more bathrooms?  Are you are renovating to update the look, or is it to meet a specific need, such as aging in place, or a larger tub for soaking away the cares of the day?

3 – Design and accessories 

Next, you need to decide how extensive a renovation you want.  Do you just want to change out the bathtub or shower and surrounding walls, or do you want new flooring?  What about extra lighting, a new vanity, a new toilet, or perhaps removing the old medicine cabinet?

5 – Organization 

Storage spaces are key in a new bathroom, especially if you want a clutter-free room! Think about what storage units you want. Are lower cabinets and vanities with slide-out drawers right for you? Or would you rather have wall mounted shelving to open more floor space? If the bathroom is for visiting grandparents or kids, keep height and easy accessibility in mind as well.

Also, consider space with your fittings and fixtures. Do you want a larger shower area or more bathtub space? What about a large vanity with two sinks or just one with more counter space?

6 – Construction time! 

Now that you have a game-plan and budget already, it’s time to begin renovating!The planning stage is complete and it’s time to let the professionals tackle the actual transformation. Goodbye ugly bathroom, hello dream bathroom!

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Ridgewater Homes is a company with a passion for bathrooms.  They love taking smelly, moldy, dysfunctional bathrooms and making them the most beautiful rooms in your home, from the inside out. When you work with them, you are guaranteed both top-quality customer service and, most importantly, top-quality results.

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