Strata Maintenance & Restoration

At Ridgewater, we offer complete building maintenance & restoration services for commercial and strata properties. This is a cost-effective solution to help you operate and manage your property to its best potential.

Complete Roof Maintenance

  • gutter cleaning

  • gutter replacement

  • moss removal

  • periodic roof and gutter inspection

  • repair or replacement as needed of a roof system


Complete Building Envelope & Structure Maintenance

  • building water infiltration solution and control

  • siding repair and replacement

  • periodic ceiling space/crawl space inspection

  • restoration

  • building pressure washing and brush washing

  • new construction

  • structure maintenance and repair


Building Mechanical System Maintenance

  • water supply monitoring

  • plumbing repair

  • boiler room maintenance

  • electrical system maintenance and repair

  • ventilation system maintenance and repair


Complete Building Ground Maintenance

  • excavation

  • retaining walls

  • slope control

  • drainage system cleaning and repair

  • storm and sanitary sewer system maintenance and repair

  • asphalt and concrete repair

  • fencing maintenance and repair

  • pathways and parking lots pressure washing

  • ground line painting


Tree and Stump Removal

  • tree removal

  • tree trimming

  • stump removal

  • green waste disposal


Snow Removal

  • snow removal

  • salting