At Ridgewater Homes, we take pride in our knowledge of the industry and utilize our experience to ensure efficient and quality completion of all projects. We specialized in commercial and residential concrete, placing and finishing. Our objective is to provide you with the best quality of work, best service and customer satisfaction. We take projects from beginning to end or we can simply help you complete what others can’t.

Need a crew for your residential or commercial concrete contracting? Need a personalized touch with your concrete contractors? We pride ourselves on providing professional, reputable and reliable services. We will help you with any of your projects, no matter how large. We do all types of concrete work and finishing.

  • Placing and finishing, slabs, stairs, footings, foundations, curves.
  • Ramps/driveways, bridges, sidewalks, planters, retaining walls, stone look walls.
  • Cement finishing, chipping, grinding, patching, sacking.
  • Self-levelling and all types of concrete repairs.

Ridgewater Homes has built a solid reputation for providing professional, reputable and reliable services