How are construction Companies dealing with COVID-19

How are construction Companies dealing with COVID-19

In these uncertain times, I wanted to personally reach out to you to let you know the Ridgewater Homes is taking COVID-19 extremely seriously. We know this is a very unsettling time for everyone. First off, our hearts go out to anyone in our local & global community who may be affected by the coronavirus. A huge shout out to the all those keeping us going. Now’s a good time to lean on each other and draw strength from family, friends and each other in our community.

Many companies are offering their employees the option to work-from-home. We are glad to see this, but construction companies can’t work from home as we work on your homes. What makes this more difficult is schools and many child care facilities have shut down, leaving working parents no choice other than to stay home.

How is Ridgewater Homes preparing our construction company and ourselves.

We care deeply about the well being of our employees, customers, and communities, and recognize the responsibility to do our part in containing and/or slowing its spread.

As with any safety measures, we’re reminding our workers how to minimize risk on the jobsite. We have delayed job starts till we are clear of COVID-19 virus where we can. We have limited the number of people working on a site and and restricting people working in close proximity to each other. That being said, we have also laid off guys that feel a risk for their loved ones at home or parents who may be immune-compromised and just aren’t wanting to risk possible exposure. These guys are still able to come back once this is all over.

We’re also pretty sure all of our trades and suppliers are doing their part to stay safe and abide by advised health precautions, including contingency planning for things like childcare, now that the long-term closures of schools and daycare centers have happened.

Home owners understand what’s going on right now. Everyone is talking on a daily basis. Most of our owners won’t visit the job site! Their staying away, preferring to received updates via phone or online through our project management software.

Another main concern is eventually, there will be a delay in supply chain of materials. All trades and suppliers we’re dealing with so far haven’t had any disruptions. People are still working, providing the same service and speed as usual. We’re very grateful for this. However, certain supplies could be disrupted, and all we can do is prepare for this, knowing their could be certain ramifications such as higher costs, the collapse of strategic partnerships, logistics breakdowns and possible legal squabbles as parties debate whether contracts may provide “force majeure” relief. 

This is worst case scenario and we really hope it doesn’t come down to this. We’re continuing running our daily operations as we normally do at this time. Thankfully the construction industry has been deemed by the federal government as an ‘essential service’ and we agree whole heartedly. 

Be proactive, not reactive.

As the world pauses in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, take the time to assess where you are now.

Who is Ridgewater Homes

At Ridgewater Homes, excellence and unparalleled customer service are our core values. We will continue to uphold these as we move through this unique situation and will keep you up to date with any changes to safety measures, policies, and services.

Ridgewater Homes is the company that you can trust for your custom build, home renovation, heritage restoration or commercial. Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. At Ridgewater Homes, we are passionate about the services we provide to our customers. Ridgewater Homes cares just as much about what goes into our customer’s homes, as what we would put into our own. Our company has been operating for over 10 years with the goal of delivering the highest quality work and customer service.

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Please take care of yourselves and each other

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