The Design Process

At Ridgewater we strive for superior Design. Whether working on a custom build, remodel, renovation, commercial space or a heritage restoration project. We work closely with each one of our client’s to provide a conceptual design that is conducive to their overall vision, lifestyle and projected budget.

Our Design Build process begins with an in-depth discussion about the client’s wants and needs. We then procure any visual reference materials that the client has assembled. A storyboard is then created using their design plans and finishes. This enables us to create accurate conceptual drawings for the client. An overall estimate is then calculated. At this point, possible modifications to the design or budget may be possible. Once everything has been agreed upon Ridgewater will provide a full disclosure of your projects costs within a construction contract.

We insist on creating stunning award winning custom designs with every project – there is no such thing as compromise. Design is balanced carefully with function in every square inch of our designs.

We’re inspired by each individual client – every client’s needs and dreams are unique. It is this uniqueness which creates excitement, passion and gives true meaning to all our designs.

We welcome you to contact us from the onset of any project. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions, provide you with any advice and/or refer you to any other professionals within our field. Let’s make your new endeavor an enjoyable one!

Top 10 Tips for Renovations

  1. Plan out your vision of what you want to achieve.
  2. Determine what you would like to spend, saving room for unexpected costs.
  3. Receive multiple quotes from different renovators in your area.
  4. Confirm your renovator carries proper insurance and WCB.
  5. Determine what warranty you will have for the project, and for how long.
  6. Ask for at least three references from your potential renovator.
  7. Get everything in writing and refuse to pay in cash. A verbal assurance is not enough.
  8. Verify that all of the required permits have been obtained.
  9. Stay in touch with your renovator throughout the project.
  10. Pay your renovator on time. Hold back the agreed amount for liens during the holdback period.


Below is an example of the preliminary timeline and stages of the construction process.

12 – 18 MONTHS PRIOR (to your desired start date)
  • Begin by listing your needs and researching what you would like. Develop a file using pictures from magazines, including other homes, showrooms, etc. Check out inspiration for your reno from sites like Houzz and Pinterest towards more ideas for your project.

  • Preliminary budgeting

  • Pre-qualification i.e… Financial Institution

  • Research reliable general contractors like Ridgewater Homes, architects, and design firms like Ridgewater Homes

  • Interview Ridgewater other general contractors, architects, and design firms like Ridgewater Homes

  • Obtain quotations

  • Check references

  • Preview completed projects

  • Hire Ridgewater Homes or other general contractors, architects, and design firms

  • Storyboarding design plans and finishes
  • Confirm Ridgewater’s project lead-in time

  • Present storyboard design and finishes

  • Discuss overall budget

  • First deposit to Ridgewater Homes
  • Obtain a detailed spec sheet of building material selections

  • Obtain a detailed spec sheet of construction budget

  • Confirm whether building variances, zoning, planning and historical commissions fees are included.

  • Finalize design

  • Finalize budget

  • Finalize quotation including design and finishing options

  • Prepare for construction to commence

  • Organize and/or alter family and school schedules

  • Relocate storage of belongings

  • Application for building permits to be submitted

  • Confirmation of commencing date and completion date

  • Final review with Ridgewater Homes

  • Required permits in place

  • Schedule of deposits required upon completion of each phase of the build


Client Information Resources

Seven useful links that are printable for your use.