Construction Schedule

At Ridgewater we will do our best to keep your project on time and on budget. Below is an idea of what a construction schedule looks like.

Phase One: Startup
  • Sign construction agreement
  • Client provides deposit
  • Confirm financing (if applicable)
  • Course of construction insurance
  • Open utility accounts
  • Site meeting to confirm location
  • Plans
  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Building permit
  • Warranty registration
Phase Two: Foundation
  • Clearing
  • Excavation and backfill
  • Blasting and site services
  • Foundation details
  • Forms
  • Concrete footings, walls and retaining wall material
  • Concrete footings and walls – finish
  • Floor slab material
  • Floor slab finish
  • Drainage and damp proofing
  • Sand, gravel and drain rock
  • Concrete equipment
  • Driveway, porch, patio, sidewalks etc
  • Rentals and tools
  • Misc foundation work
Phase Three: Framing
  • Framing materials
  • Roof trusses
  • Frame carpentry
  • Barge and fascia boards
  • Timber, posts and beams
  • Misc framing and structural requirements
  • Roofing material
Phase Four: Lockup
  • Windows and sliding glass doors
  • Interior and Exterior door hardware
  • Overhead garage doors
  • Plumbing rough-in
  • Appliance specifications for rough-in
  • Water, storm, sewer
  • Plumbing fixtures: Showers, tubs, valves, toilets, sinks and faucets
Phase Five: Mechanical
  • Heating system
  • Ventilation
  • Fireplaces
  • Electrical wiring and layout
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Vacuum piping
Phase Six: Exterior Finish
  • Siding
  • Exterior siding and finish carpentry
  • Exterior trim material and colours
  • Gutters, down pipes and soffits
  • Masonry
  • Exterior painting
Phase Seven: Insulation and Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Drywall walls
  • Drywall ceilings and details
Phase Eight: Interior Finishing
  • Interior painting of walls
  • Interior painting of doors and woodwork
  • Interior doors
  • Interior door and window casings and baseboards
  • Interior finish carpentry
  • Closets
  • Misc Interior finishing
  • Floor coverings and floor tile
  • Tile shower, tubs, fireplace surrounds
  • Cabinets and countertops
  • Misc Interior finishes
  • Cleaning and cleanup
  • Waste disposal
  • Landscaping and fencing
Phase Nine: Completion
  • Extras and owners manual