How Do I get started on our Project?

How Do I get started on our Project?

At Ridgewater Homes we believe that a successful project starts with a great design.  Our years of experience from working on luxury homes have merged into our design process.  Our Design process for your entire house or just your kitchen starts from an initial meeting to understand the Job, from the type cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, styles, and options you are looking for.
We begin with a preliminary concept for your space.  This allows our experienced design team to create an accurate estimate for your approval.

We provide a professional service not unlike a lawyer or accountant, professions which are compensated for their time, knowledge, creativity and advice.  To create a well thought out and design-oriented house, kitchen or bathroom the plans takes a significant commitment of resources including designer times, drafting, preparation and research.  Since no two projects are alike and each design has to be realistic, efficient and designed specifically to meet your lifestyle, taste and budget, we create unique designs for every one of our clients.

Our experience demonstrates that the first step toward a successfully completed project is quality design.  The design retainer that you provide to us is fully credited towards your project.  This non-refundable retainer facilitates a full commitment from all parties and ensures good communication, creativity and advice, all necessary elements for successfully completed project.

The Design Process

At Ridgewater we strive for superior Design. Whether working on a custom build, remodel, renovation, commercial space or a heritage restoration project. We work closely with each one of our client’s to provide a conceptual design that is conducive to their overall vision, lifestyle and projected budget.

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Where do we work?

We have worked and built some of the finest residences and recreational properties throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  We have designed and executed on many complex renovations, coordinating and installing all of our products and  the services required.  We pride ourselves on our quality and we are COMMITTED to providing our customers with the BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE and improving it everyday.

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