Sustainable Building Practices

Ridgewater will endeavor to promote sustainable building practices and environmental considerations in all its operations and in the services it provides to its clients. 

  • We feel that the construction industry has not yet achieved a high level of environmental consciousness.
  • Ridgewater has strived to run an environmentally conscious business by maintaining the right balance between the highest quality product and minimizing the negative impact to the environment.
  • We only use technologies, products, and practices that improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution, improve indoor air quality, reduce maintenance, and preserve natural resources.
  • We remain committed to renovating and building homes that are healthier and more comfortable to live in, less expensive to operate and more sensitive to the local environment.
  • Ridgewater recognizes that clients today are environmentally aware.
  • Ridgewater tries to reuse wood, brick, old beams or feature original items to create something to talk about while recycling in some renovations.
  • Ridgewater owner took an extensive course on Erosion and Sediment Control from Vancouver Island Univerisity.