Construction Projects Moving Forward in the Face of the COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

Construction Projects Moving Forward in the Face of the COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

Where we are. Though most cases are mild, the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide has now passed 115,000. The World Health Organization has called the coronavirus a pandemic. Last night, on a live broadcast, the President of the USA announced certain new travel restrictions from continental Europe for 30 days. Cities and schools are counting on the benefits of social distancing to keep the spread low; and reflecting such, classes are canceled and staff are being told to work from home.

So what does this mean for construction, an industry that depends upon the tangible—upon crews showing up at a jobsite and upon materials showing up as ordered and as expected? Though economic loss can never compare to the loss of human life that so many have experienced across the globe, the construction industry should prepare for the inevitable business interruptions that will occur as this global impact hits the shores of home, delays in schedule occur, and losses are felt economically.

Construction is no stranger to labor shortage, and the industry should prepare for potential temporary labor shortages as communities are impacted by the virus itself and, if global trends are any indicator, by community shutdowns and restrictions on travel. If your typical operation works on a skeleton crew, plan now for how you will provide replacement man-power and consider providing extra coverage in anticipation for those who may call-in sick. Consider whether any work can be performed offsite, such as certain fabrications, if job-site performance becomes restricted.



Take time now to review contracts. We are reviewing all notice procedures in our contracts and the time requirements for the same. If we think that material deliveries may be late and may impact the performance, we will notify the proper parties via the proper procedures. We will be making it clear in this notice why the disruption in delivery has occurred. Reassure all parties that you intend to follow through on your scope of work so that there are no possible retaliatory claims against you for anticipatory breach. We proactively seek time extensions if anticipate delays.

Document, document, document. Starting now, we will be creating a paper trail that illustrates our attempts to perform our work on time. If our schedule is impacted by another trade on site, we will take photographs showing how the job is not yet ready for our work and create detailed job logs reflecting the same. Keeping copies of all notices and our transmissions, and show compliance with the contract notice procedures. Our contract may require notices to be delivered within a certain number of days and to a certain address. We will keep copies of all documents that show delays in shipments. We anticipate claims for delay damages and do what you can, now, to preserve all defenses against a wrongful/for cause termination. If applicable, we will be keeping bonding and insurance companies informed of impacts to the project.

We will be taking time on each of our jobs, and evaluate how we can move our projects forward despite a potential disruption in labor and materials in the coming weeks . We believe in not only site safety, but the health of others and ourselves.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Again, be proactive, not reactive. As the world pauses in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, take the time to assess where you are now.

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