The Benefits of Upgrading instead of Uprooting…

The Benefits of Upgrading instead of Uprooting…

BCRenonation Article of a Ridgewater Homes Project.

If your home looks and feels outdated and you are ready for something more modern, moving doesn’t have to be the only option.  Ridgewater Homes recently completed an entire home renovation in Pitt Meadows that transformed a dated rancher into a mid century modern home.

By Nicolle Hodges

“Quintessential elements were preserved and highlighted during the renovation of this 1950’s rancher, giving it new life while preserving its character,” says Daryl Berden, owner of Ridgewater Homes Ltd. “We took a beaten down old house and brought it back to life! We are proud that the owners find their newly-renovated home comfortable, beautiful, and functional.”

The home came a long way from the beginning of the project to its completion.  The rancher with “no issues” on inspection was actually full of rot, mold, junction-boxes, fire damage, dead animals, pest and a sagging roof. Berden and his team systematically eliminated all those issues to the point where it’s nearly impossible to imagine that the house in the “before” and “after” photos is the same one.

The house was gutted, new wiring and new plumbing was installed, all the drywall was taken out, and everything was upgraded to bring the house to code. Elements of the brick wall, railing, wood wall and overall style were all worked into the finished design.  Adding a second floor was the biggest part of the project – something Berden says took a lot of thought and planing.

“By installing the flush steel beam in place of the main support wall, we improved the functionality of the kitchen and family room space, offering the young family the convenience of overseeing the children through their sliding glass door, weather they are playing in the home or out in the yard,” he says. “We fixed and cleaned up all the issues and took this two-bedroom, one-bath rancher and turned it into a four bedroom, two bath dream home for these clients. Doing a renovation with a young family with one child and anouther on the way is tough, but we were on top of it, and every detail was gone over and updated though emails and pictures.”

Perhaps one of the most impressive details about this project is how Ridgewater Homes team managed to update the rancher while preserving the character – something that was important to the owners.  the ability to preserve treasured elements of a home while sill injecting it with a modern twist is one  of the benefits of renovating instead of moving.

“The land, the pool, and the area are all things the owners wanted, but they also wanted more space for the family and a home that they could feel safe in.” he says. “Updating a home is better than buying, if you buy new than the land and yard are [likely] smaller, your kids have to change schools, and you have to [get to know] new neighbours, while updating allows you and your family to keep the memories you have made around the house.”

The owners we able to be involved in every step of the transformation, which gives them a sense of pride just as much as it does for Berden and his team.

“She loves the we took the oldest house in the neighbourhood and made it the shinning star!” says Berden. “Renovation is more work than building a home because there is an art to it as well. You want the renovation to fit in and not look like a renovation, and the only way to achieve that is by finding a way to make it look seamless. But when we are done, it’s a great satisfaction to see the amazing efforts of everyone involved.”

AS for the owners, they couldn’t be happier with their “new” home.

“We count ourselves very fortunate to have found Ridgewater for our mid-modern renovation and addition,” they say. “From the beginning we were impressed with the communication and care Ridgewater offered. We have had peace of mind throughout the entire building process and know that no matter what project we have in the future, Ridgewater will be there to help.”

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Each of our projects have been uniquely innovative. We have blended various architectural styles, quality building materials, modern conveniences and the finest custom finishes in order to create a beautiful and functional timeless space.

Be rest assured that Ridgewater has your best interests in mind and we want to provide you with a project that will bring you many happy memories for years to come.

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