Ridgewater Homes will help you avoid these mistakes. Bathrooms have come a long way over the years from just being room to get clean in or ready for the day. Nowadays, bathrooms are meant to be a place where you can relax and spend some quiet time. With any renovation, it’s easy to make amateur mistakes. That’s why it’s important to work with a general contractor like Ridgewater Homes who knows what to look for and what they’re doing.

Ridgewater Homes is a professional home renovation company. We are sharing bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid:

Breaking the budget

If you’re attempting a DIY bathroom remodel, it can be very easy to overspend and allow yourself to splurge on more than you need to. There’s nothing wrong with a little splurging here and there, but only if it’s planned and affordable. When you work with a general contractor like Ridgewater Homes, they’ll start by establishing a budget. Any additions or splurge items will be worked into the budget as well, to help avoid overspending.

It’s also easy to go over budget if you don’t have a professional design plan in place before you start. Inexperienced DIYers can end up going back and forth from the building supply store replacing damaged materials or because they bought the wrong materials in the first place. When a professional put together a budget, they know exactly what you’ll need in terms of materials and labour cost.

Improper ventilation 

Even if your bathroom has windows that can open, you still need to have ventilation to draw out moisture and odours. Without proper ventilation, you’ll have moisture build-up and this can cause peeling paint, mildew and even mould. Mould is dangerous to both air quality and overall health. Hiring a general contractor will mean that they will safely and properly install your ventilation system so it’s ventilated right outside the house. They’ll also know where the best place is in the bathroom to add a vent.

Bad lighting

All bathrooms need good lighting, but especially task lighting for things like applying makeup or shaving. Including lighting should be part of the initial design planning and not an afterthought for later. Unless you plan from the start, you may find yourself with too much or too little lighting. General contractors, though, will help set up the perfect lighting layout from the start. Everything from overall room lighting to the right task lighting placement will be handled. If you want a sleek feature light fixture for your vanity, your contractor will also have some ideas to suggest!

Incorrect Position of the Toilet

One of the bathroom renovation mistakes that you need to keep in mind is the position of the toilet. Avoid placing the toilet where everyone can see it, this means that  you should not put it directly opposite the door so it’s not the first thing people see on entering your bathroom.  If you can’t do this because your bathroom is already plumbed for the toilet, try and detract from it with a mirror above or an attractive shelf.

Poor drainage

Any part of your bathroom floor that will get wet, such as the shower, must have the right drainage. If it’s a walk-in shower, the shower floor must have a gentle slope to let the water drain, otherwise, it gets trapped. Depending on the floor type, such as large tiles, it can affect the necessary slope. If you don’t have the skills or know how to do this, it will cause problems. If it’s too steep, your floor will feel like a downward hill. Not enough slope, though, and the water gets trapped. Rather than the headache of trying yourself, leave it to your general contractor!

Not using waterproof materials

The flooring and insulation in the bathroom aren’t the only things that need to be waterproof. Shower walls, flooring, and even countertops should also be resistant to moisture, as well as any joins or drains. Otherwise, the risk of swelling, rot or water damage can cause costly future repairs. Luckily, though, your general contractor will know just what to seal and waterproof!

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