It’s hard to believe that we have planned, written and posted 100 entries since we began this blog in 2013.

Ridgewater Homes has been touched by the readers who have shared their love for our posts. Some of you also have had issues with contractors. You have asked for advice and you have let us know that our positive attitude has influenced you. This makes us so happy and prompts us to continue. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your stories.

It ‘s surprising to us how many readers are enjoying the site just for the fun of reading the posts. We’ve had a lot of feedback from you who have their cup of coffee while reading ours blogs. You have been so generous in your comments by expressing gratitude for the simple memories a post may elicit. Subjects such as, renovations, finding the right contractor, contracts, kitchens, custom homes, and heritage homes have struck a chord for many of you. We even went into cyber-bullying and that hit an accord with many of you.

We have especially enjoyed learning that the blog is reaching so many readers in all geographical areas. As we write an entry at any given time, We have no idea who will be reading it and it does our hearts good to know that it is reaching a wide audience and it is being enjoyed.

This milestone of 100 posts has made us reflect on where we want to go with the site. We are going to invite some guests to write. For example, designers, TV personalities, architects and others that have different stories and advice that will be included in upcoming posts. We will also be asking for others to contribute by writing on randomly selected topics, like heritage, net zero, building codes and warranties. We just want to mix it up so you have advice you can relate to and rely on for this blog.

So Happy for 100 Posts and we look forward to blogging on and celebrating our 200th !

Thank you readers from the bottom of our hearts….

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